The Pionjar 120 Drilling System is a cost-effective solution for the environmental sampling of soils between 5 to 8 meters in depth. No longer are you restricted to large, truck mounted drilling rigs on environmental projects and sensitive work sites. Accessibility to most sites is greatly improved by the portability of our drilling equipment and ground instability is diminished on many sites including excavated areas, confined spaces, ditches and wet mine tailings.


All of our crews are supplied with Electrical Drilling Units to permit drilling indoors with the same drilling equipment used with the Pionjar 120 drill. In addition, all crews are equipped with Electrical Concrete Corers for coring cement floors with 2.5", 6", 8", and 12" diamond bit sizes.


Our crews can quickly install wells to monitor either groundwater or soil gas. Monitor wells can be installed both horizontally and vertically, indoors and outdoors. The standard PVC for the Pionjar 120 is 1.7" O.D., other sizes include 0.75" and 2.0" PVC.


The Pionjar 120 is portable, thus enabling the drill to be hand carried by our crews into sensitive or forested areas. The entire unit can also be moved on site by ATV, boat, raft, snowmobile, helicopter or airplane. Both the Pionjar 120 and the Electrical Drilling System are often transported with our crew by commercial aircraft. We routinely perform fly-in projects at many Canadian and International destinations. In the past, we have completed projects at several First Nation Reserves, Canadian Air Force Bases, and numerous locations in the western world.